'Towards Jesus'  text was written by Julia a year before she was diagnosed. The music was composed by Paul Hillebrand and Matt Maher and recorded by  Matt Maher and Ike Ndolo, created as a tribute for Julia's Mass of Resurrection Sat. 12/11/10 at St. Patrick Catholic Community in Scottsdale, AZ.

Towards Jesus
-Julia Hillebrand
(composed before diagnosis in 5th grade)

Have you ever noticed
That somethin's not right,
And I'm tryin' to go towards the light.
Towards Jesus, towards Jesus
Towards Jesus, yeah.

I'm gonna drop ev'rything,
Whatever it takes to be Him.
Even if I die it's gonna be for Jesus.
Everything I do for Jesus, for Jesus.

I'm goin’ towards Him,
I'm doin’ it for Him,
And soon I will be with Him, 
In Heaven.
For Jesus, 
I'm doing it for Jesus
Towards Jesus.
I'm going towards Him (repeat 8x)

Ev'rything I do will be for Him,
Towards Him,
And soon I will be with Him,
In Heaven.