Sometimes the only thing that can bring comfort in times of loss is music...Music can express more deeply what someone is feeling...sometimes the right music is hard to find when you are saddened and there is a lot of grief and pain...please use this Funeral Planning List to bring to mind a favorite song or a memory of a loved one.

If you would like Paul to sing for a funeral or memorial service, please contact him through this website. He can provide keyboard or guitar accompaniment as well as work with other instrumentalists or vocalists.

You can also email your choices for the funeral music after looking over the Funeral Music Planner. Also know that you can use a song from the bottom of the list i.e. a sending forth song in place of a gathering song and vice-versa.

We try to use music that has meaning to the family but we also try to be sensitive to the Liturgy and where the music should be placed during or before the Liturgy.

The music in the planner are choices from the Gather Comprehensive hymnal from GIA...thats the hymnal we use at my home these are choices that allow for the most congregational singing at our parish.