Paul on Oregon Catholic Press

Paul has published many of his works through OCP. His profile and information on that site is located at 

Paul Hillebrands published music from Oregon Catholic Press (a sample list)


Exultet - for The Easter Vigil, a metric setting with a part for deacon/cantor, SATB choir, keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Oboe, Violin and Cello


Wondrous Love Mass- by Paul Hillebrand and Kevin Keil. Using the hymn tune Wondrous Love, this setting for Lent and Holy week is easily sung by the congregation because they already know the tune. It is only available through download.


The Lenten Gospel Acclamation from Wondrous Love Mass,  Has its own octavo and includes the verses for all the Sundays of all three cycles of Lent and Holy week also.

Rest in God Alone, My SoulA reflective setting of Psalm 62 in honor of Julia Hillebrand. Arranged for SATB Choir, cantor, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Oboe, Violin and Cello.

Litany of the Spirit – An adaption of John Beckers Litany of the Saints – using the Gifts and the Fruits of the Spirit in the verse. Also, with a new piano part and harmony on the verses and refrain 2 C Inst. and 2 violins.

Why Have You Abandoned Me -  Ps. 22 - A very lyrical setting for the Psalm for Palm Sunday. For SATB, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Oboe and Violin.


I’m Always With You, Be Not afraid  -  Ballad for Lent, and times of uncertainty SATB lead Sheet. Keyboard Avail. from my web site.


Make Our Lives a Prayer of Peace – Very poignant song for our current state of the world. Included in Glory and Praise 3rd edition.


Several psalms in the new Spirit and Psalm resource.