How Shall We Know You? (1994)




How Shall We Know You?

For assemblies that enjoy singing music with a contemporary sound, these 13 songs will fulfill their need for challenging texts with simple, singable and teachable refrains. Each piece was written for a specific need in the cyclical liturgical life of the parish.

Track List:
1. Alleluia, Sing Alleluia
2. Come to Us, O Lord
3. Eucharistic Litany
4. Fill Us with Your Love, O Lord
5. How Shall We Know You
6. Jesus, I Trust in You
7. Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness
8. Make Our Lives a Prayer of Peace
9. My Soul Magnifies the Lord
10. Rejoice Always
11. Renew the Face of the Earth
12. Spirit of the Living God
13. Witnesses